Hargreaves, MacKenzie & Kelly bring an exciting model to business advisory and support services in the UK. We not only use our wealth of expertise regarding Finance & Taxation but have joined forces with some of the best experts in different fields. They become our service providers, which gives complete and extensive service to clients.

Hargreaves, MacKenzie & Kelly provide first-class services so clients and service providers know that we can cater for all business needs under one roof.


We work with a broad array of clients from HNW and private family offices to companies and corporations. We strive to ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit from working with us, thereby ensuring they get the best possible outcome. We can project manage everything from an initial inquiry to a successful outcome, which leaves our clients free to do what they do best.


The team from HMACKK has been really helpful in planning with regards to my business and we are so grateful that we are now sorted. They are very professional and I recommend them 100%. 

LW 26/08/2022

Maurice has an excellent wealth of knowledge about tax, also his connections are exceptional. If he is not able to complete a project by himself he has a raft of experts to assist him with any particular task. One of the best thing he did for me was to raise funding for my company which is now on its way to becoming a fully licensed energy provider. He is always my first port of call when I need help for my business. I would recommend him 100% to any one.

Z said 12/01/2022

Maurice has an extraordinary wealth of experience and sound advice in relation to all financial matters. I quite simply would not have been able to get the business off the ground without his support! Maurice is a key part of our business and I value his contribution as part of the team moving forward.

CB said 16/12/2020

Maurice has literally saved my company from a lot of financial hardship. His integrity, Network, Knowledge of Finance and Taxation has been an invaluable asset to my company and me personally. A true master in his field!. I look forward to a long term partnership with HMACKK.
I would highly recommend his services !!.

C said 16/12/2020

Maurice is a mind of information on Finance and Tax and will find you money you didn't think you had! From a personal level he went above and beyond to help me with a personal financial issue for which I am very grateful. I would highly recommend him!

JD said 01/10/2020

It’s a pleasure working with you and I know we will continue to do business together for many years to come.

MM said 23/09/2020

I have been working with Maurice and his team at Hargreaves MacKenzie & Kelly for years and I am delighted with the service and the creative and very useful ideas they provide. They are my go to guys with regards to reducing tax and to making sure I am maximising my position at every opportunity. I highly recommend them to anyone and if fact I have referred a lot of my colleagues and friends to them and everyone seems to be very satisfied with their individual outcomes.

DG said 02/09/2020

I have used the services of Hargreaves MacKenzie & Kelly and I am very pleased and satisfied with not only the service they have provided to me, but also the outcome that I have achieved. Since using Hargreaves MacKenzie & Kelly and using their system, which works perfectly with my accountant, I have paid a lot less tax and I have even received a tax rebate. I have greatly reduced my costs and my business is going from strength to strength. I can recommend Maurice and his team to anyone.
Thank you so much for all the help I have received.

AF said 20/08/2020

Maurice and his team were invaluable in navigating what was a pretty tricky and somewhat unusual financial situation for us. The wealth of knowledge and expertise they tapped into was great. Having been shut down by solicitors, they found us a solution that not only financially beneficial but made our position going forward much more streamlined.
Thanks again for your help. Will be in touch shortly about what we need to do once the mortgage company have been in touch.

PT said 10/08/2020

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